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"Every Story is Unique. Every Garment is Different"

NSATEKS has extensive skills and deep industry knowledge to assist you in solving your company's most complex problems. Since our establishment in 2018, the number of customers who want to work with us again or who knock on our door for the first time is increasing every year.

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NSA Textile & Sourcing closely follows the seasonal trends and sources the supply based on the customer’s needs and requests in terms of design, fabric, and accessories. We continuously attend fairs and exhibitions aiming to expand the variety and range of the producers. We introduce our customers to the most reliable suppliers with reasonable prices, which we always negotiate within the buyer’s target range. In addition to offering quality, we aim to offer the shortest order-to-shipment process time to our customers.


Sampling process starts with us receiving the technical sketches and reports from our customers. We then prepare the prototype and the salesman sample carefully following the size specs that we have received. We are in control of all sampling stages from the very beginning to the end to ensure the best quality.



After the production plan has been approved,  we take responsibility of carefully supervising the production process while following the global standards and applying our clients’ control system if requested. We carry out regular quality controls throughout the process. NSA TEKS prioritizes communication and keeps the customers updated with real-time data and weekly reports.



NSA TEKS is responsible for preparing all shipping and dispatch documents. Once all your documents are accurately completed, we inform our clients and ship the goods.

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